Tricep extension to knee ups

Start by using a bench. Hands on the bench and feet on the ground. Next go into a a dip. You do this by bending your arms and hips. Image


After this, you straighten your arms and bring your hips up. As you do this one leg will come up into the air with one knee bent. The important thing here is to try and not move your hips. Also, engage the other butt muscle. 



Then drop the leg back to the ground and bend the arms with hips. Next do the other leg. Keep switching back and forth. 


Great exercise to work triceps and gluts with hip/ core stability. Hope you are able to incorporate into your workouts!! Have fun!!!!! 

Tricep extension with glut raises

Starting with elbow at 90 degrees of flexion and opposite leg off the ground. Your neck must be straight, so looking to the floor. Keep both legs slightly bent and back as straight as possible. Image


You are then going to straighten your arm and raise your leg up at the same time. This is going to engage your glut, and tricep. Your abbs are also engaged, as they are helping to maintain a straight back and  balance. Do not move your arm up and down, keep the elbe where it is while doing the exercise. This will help keep the focus on the tricep. Do not rotate your foot and keep it pointing down. Don’t forget to squeeze the butt!!!



You are working gluts (butt) and tricps at the same time while working balance. I will post a new exercise every weekday. This will add to your current workouts and continue to challenge yourself. 



General philosophy


This is my first post and wanted to start off by saying hi. My name is Robert Kirkland and have been a fitness professional for over six years. I have a degree in Athletic Training and certified. Over the years I have crafted my art and have developed my general philosophy. 

To me its about working with only body weight. Developing your core and body control is essential. Machines will only limit you. The way I train myself and my clients through body awareness. This is through first muscle activation then core stabilization. Then it moves to functional fitness that way the client can move better. Starting very soon, I will post videos and tips that you can use in your workouts.

 Don’t wait!! Start today!!